The man called his wife Eva, because she was the mother of all the living.


This situated apartment to the second floor measures 60 mqs. Around. It is composed from matrimonial room, a kitchen with appliances, bath, stay with read couch and fireplace in stone and a gramde terraces reserved and equipped. The heating is autonomous and the rooms are endowed with tv satellitare, telephone and internet.
The history of Adamo and Eva from the name to quest’ apartment because in the matrimonial room there is a beautiful bed in iron that simbolize the tree of life.

the story…

God, creative of the skies and of the earth, model the man, Adamo, to his/her image and similarity and, from the rib of this last, the woman, Eva as his/her companion. To them power is up to on all the creatures and the right to live in a very beautiful place, the Garden of the Eden, provided that respects a condition: don’t feed any fruits (in this case apples) of a particular tree the tree of the Knowledge of the Good and the Evil.Adamo and Eva, however, tried by a snake, they disobey to God and they are punished with the hunting party by the Eden and a life rich in torments and sufferings…