Dante e Beatrice

Love, which in my mind reasons me, began to say sweetly that sweetness still plays in me.

-Dante Alighieri-

The room of Giving and Beatrice is found to the first floor. And it measures around 20 mqs. It prepares, over that of a great bath, of a beautiful terrace that offers a panorama on Buiano and Bibbiena with an optimal exposure. It is decorated with great blue strips and cream, that they remember a pure love, almost childish as that of Dante for her inspiring muse.


Beatrice is the woman that inspires his/her first book and that he chooses to guide of the Divine Comedy.
He says: I have sung her. That was his/her perfect way to love, and to conquer the beloved object. And’ succeeded in making to shine forever the name of Beatrice of an alive and deep shine.
Beatrice is more similar to a dream, to a ghost, to an ideal; a look, a regard is the whole history of this love. Beatrice died young and the love not be passion