Tristano e Isotta

I do not know if death is stronger than life, but love is stronger than everything.

-Tristano e Isotta-

This room he is able’ difinire the suite, because with a height of 5 meters to a greatness of 30 mqs, he/she offers to whom sleeps you a senzazione of space and reception at the same time.
A great bed to canopy and a green color to the walls that it tunes up him with the brown one of the beams and of the floor in oak, damage a feeling of comfort and they dip in an atmosphere of other times.
For this motive it inspires the history of Tristano and Isotta that rapresents the most beautiful novel of the literature of breton cycle’s.


Tristano and Isotta it deals with a sinful love among the noble rider Tristano and the blonde princess of Ireland Isotta but at the same time irrinunciabile, destined to end only with the death of the lovers.