Ulisse e Penelope

Penelope does not want a husband. Ulisse wants.

-Jean-Pierre Vernant-

This situated apartment to the first floor of the house and’ of around 60 mqs. It is composed from matrimonial room, a kitchen with appliances, bath, stay with read couch and fireplace in stone and a grade terraces reserved and equipped. The heating is autonomous and the rooms are endowed with tv satellitare, telephone and internet. The walls are painted with the colors of the earth.
This apartment has been inspired by the history among Penelope and Ulisse.

the story…

Attended Penelope her husband for twenty years after the fall of Sow, avoiding to choose one among the Procis thanks to the famous stratagem of the cloth. For antonomasia Penelope is the symbol of the female conjugal fidelity. Without Penelope there is no Odyssey, the fulcrum of the poem is not in the trip, but in the return, to Itaca.
And the reason for the return is not the kingdom or it disappointed her families of the companions dead, but alone Penelope, only her.