Psiche Ed Eros

Because as strong as death is love, passion is tenacious like hell.


The situated room to the second floor is able’ to entertain 2 people. It has a greatness of 16 mqs and the predominant color it is the blue one. The characteristic is the shower that directly leans out on the room, allowing to glimpse, in a game of glasses and water, he who he is taking the shower. For this motive is inspired to the love of Pische and Eros.


And’ drawn by the novel of Apuleio the Metamorphosis. This fable has an allegorical meaning: Cupid (identified with the Greek Eros gentleman of the love and the desire), uniting himself to Psyche (that is the soul), it gives her the immortality but Psyche to come she must face you innumerable tests, among which that to go down to it Inferred him to purify.